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Greetings from the School Director

Dear parents,

Welcome back to the new school year 2013/14 in Sekolah Lentera Kasih, and a special welcome to our new parents and families who have newly joined our SLK community.

As this school year begins, we are all excited and looking forward to another successful academic year with our students. We educators, feel that we have something to give to our students, to enhance their lives by teaching, helping them grow and succeed.

It is our duty as educators to serve as role models and leaders, but above all, it is our responsibility to make a positive difference in our students’ journey in education.

SLK sets yearly standards and goals, and its team of faculty and staff always strive to reach them and even to the extent of going beyond. We create a vision for ourselves as educators, for the classrooms and individual student. We believe in small steps that can dramatically enhance every student’s learning experience.

Having stated the above, this school year, parents will see more of what 21st century education has to offer aside from textbooks and classroom walls.

SLK is offering more Mandarin classes in grades 1 & 2, and will develop further in the coming years. We are also offering more extra curricula options this year by adding additional Arts and Sports activities on the list, so that students can expose themselves to new experiences.

Our school premises and community have also expanded this year, as we welcome Lollypop Preschool into our campus. More colors, happy faces and laughter from this end, which will surely bring joy to our day to day school routine!

In addition to the lively preschoolers, we are welcoming new members of staff. Our Mandarin teacher, Ms. Yang Ting, middle school English and IGCSE Art teacher, Mr. Joe Peter, middle school and IGCSE Mathematics teacher, Ms. Janice, IGCSE Business and History teacher, Ms. Prashanta and lastly our new GA supervisor, Pak Maman. Selamat bergabung di SLK!

Finally, I wish everyone a successful school year and let us all give our very best to our students!

“Education is the movement from darkness to light “~ Allan Bloom


God bless,

Thelma Poetiray

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